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Photo Art

"The man and the dog"

Decorated at the Art Award during the Biennale "Artiges 2012" by the Art Society of Ottobrunn, Germany



In my artistic photography work i has concentrated on individual hand-signed pieces and small series of valuable galery pictures.
They are available only in printed form on gallery canvas, Aluminum Dibond or on FINE-ART paper, and in strictly limited editions.

The art works are the finished products of self-taken, original photographs, transformed through a unique, picturesque style into one of a kind items.
The works blur for the viewer the boundary between painting and photography in various manifestations.
I refuse to use collages, hand-coloration or similar compositions. I
works exclusively with the captured image and electronic image data of the original photo, picking out important details in order to communicate the moods and emotions of the moment.

The picturesque artistic photography and particualarly the 'combined black and white technique', invented by me, represent a new direction in style within artistic photography.



Decorated at the Art Award 2011 by the Galery of contemporary Art, Berlin / Germany


Decorated at the Art Award 2012 of the City Wesseling, Germany



"autumn clouds"

"airstream II"

"Center of Hamburg"

"the red town hall of Berlin"

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